On to the primary! Democratic State Convention wraps up in Wisconsin Dells

WISCONSIN DELLS (WITI) -- On to the primary! Democratic candidate for governor Mary Burke was on a mission this weekend to unify the Democratic Party in her run to defeat Gov. Scott Walker in November. Burke delivered the keynote address at the Democratic State Convention held this weekend in Wisconsin Dells.

Wisconsin Democrats were seen and heard throwing their support behind Burke this weekend.

Burke used her keynote address first as a victory lap for being the party's stand-out candidate to challenge Scott Walker.

"You guys have supported me from Day One and that support has fueled me over the last eight months," Burke said.

Then, as a rallying point for Wisconsin Democrats as the party looks ahead to the November 4th election.

"And thank you to all of you here tonight because with your support I will be the next governor of the great state of Wisconsin!" Burke said.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett spoke this weekend -- tasking state Democrats to get behind Burke from this point on.

"It`s our job. We are the ones that have to get the word in our communities about what a great candidate she is and if we do that, I guarantee she will succeed," Barrett said.

In recent weeks, the Burke campaign has seen some success in state polling.

A May poll by Marquette University Law School showed Burke tied with the Republican governor.

During her 17-minute speech, Burke alluded to how a win in November would be a history-making moment for Wisconsin.

"You`ve offered up your support and your guidance to somebody who some might say doesn`t quite say fits the mold and someone who certainly doesn`t look like a governor we`ve had before!" Burke said.

The Democratic primary is August 12th -- and Burke is the clear favorite to get the party's nomination.