MU's Black Student Council leads march after Breonna Taylor decision

Demonstrations continued in Milwaukee Thursday, Sept. 24 over the Wednesday decision not to charge Louisville police for the shooting death of Breonna Taylor on March 13. A group of about 100 students, mainly from Marquette University, began marching around noon, expected to end up at the Milwaukee County Courthouse for a rally in support of Black Lives Matter.

MU's Black Student Council leads march after Breonna Taylor decision

Marquette's Black Student Council led the march through downtown Milwaukee, stopping at each of the college campuses. 

The group of students joined other demonstrators across the country -- protesting the decision not to charge Louisville police officers for shooting and killing Taylor. 

"I think for years we've been saying the phrase, 'Say her name,' but there's still like no justice for Black women," said Taylor Morant, Marquette student. "We're often unappreciated."

Breonna Taylor, a Black woman, was asleep when police executed a search warrant at her home. Law enforcement has maintained they acted in self-defense when Taylor's boyfriend fired first.

Protesters at the Breonna Taylor mural on Locust Street and Holton Street said the case is the latest example of the systemic racism that plagues the criminal justice system. 

"I can honestly say, being a Black man in the United States, I'm scared," said Jacob Rose, Marquette student. "I'm scared to be out here."

MU's Black Student Council leads march after Breonna Taylor decision

"I think it's really important to stand up when we have privilege as white people for people who are of color who are victims of systemic racism," said Abby Gray, Marquette student.

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Members of the Marquette basketball team also joined the movement, reminding others that there are bigger issues beyond school and sports.   

MU's Black Student Council leads march after Breonna Taylor decision

"The whole team is out here," said Koby McEwen. "We're humans, too. Obviously, we're athletes, but we also do feel the pain of our Black brothers and sisters."

"We're sick and tired of it," said Rose. "We need justice now. If not now, then when? Because there's lives at stake."

The group, from what FOX6 News saw Thursday, remained peaceful.

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