Milwaukee Police to heavily patrol crime "hot spots"

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee Police will be heavily patrolling areas they call "hot spots" after a rash of recent gun violence.

"We're hoping that if they see us, they think twice about that and decide not to commit," said Captain Chad Wagner.

Wagner instructed his officer to be visible in areas where shootings, drug activity and armed robberies have been frequent occurrences.

"They'll be in squad cars, some will be on foot, some will be on bicycles," said Wagner.

Roll call was held at 24th Pl. and Burleigh on Friday evening, August 9th. High ranking officers informed patrolmen about various suspects, handing over information such as physical descriptions and vehicle descriptions.

"A minority or small amount of offenders commit a large amount of crime, a disproportionate amount of crime," said Wagner.

Milwaukee has seen multiple shootings in the overnight hours the past two weekends, some resulting in fatalities.

"Absolutely a high priority for us to do everything we can to make sure that we reduce and prevent any firearm violence, no doubt about it. In the last two Fridays, in particular, there were too many shootings," Wagner said.

Two more shootings took place just blocks from where roll call was held almost an hour earlier. Captain Wagner stressed that officers back each other up and stay safe.