Milwaukee DPW seeks your feedback in effort to create interactive bicycling map

MILWAUKEE -- If Milwaukee is to become a better city for bicyclists, now is the time for bikers and would-be bikers to speak up.

The Milwaukee Department of Public Works (DPW) needs your feedback on how people feel when bicycling on different types of streets. That feedback is being tallied through an online Bicycling Stress Rating Survey. The results of the survey will help the DPW create an interactive bicycling map where people can get directions using low-stress streets that are comfortable to bike on.

Marissa Meyer

"If people do not feel safe bicycling, they will just not be on the road," said Marissa Meyer, associate transportation planner for the City of Milwaukee. "So people who maybe don't feel comfortable biking on a busy road can use this map to identify a route that uses only low-stress streets that are more comfortable."

Each street on the map will be rated between one (lowest stress) and four (highest stress) based on factors like how many cars are on the street and whether there is a bike lane. The map will also have other bike-related information available, like where you can find bike parking.

With all of this data eventually being compiled into an interactive map, bike enthusiasts say this is a welcomed resource. Folks at Wheel & Sprocket bike shop say that concern about where to take bikes is something their customers often ask.

Amelia Kegel

"Here in Milwaukee, we're really lucky because we've got all of these great on-street bike paths, but then, we have all these great off-street paths, and networks, and roads, too," said Wheel & Sprocket's Amelia Kegel. "This shouldn't just be for bikers. This should be for people who also really haven't ridden that much, but would like to."

The DPW will use the results from the survey to ensure that the stress ratings given to streets on the interactive map match what the community thinks.

    You are urged to contact with questions or comments about this project.