'It's our responsibility:' Volunteers offer help to those living in area dubbed 'Tent City'

MILWAUKEE -- Those who live in the area in Milwaukee dubbed "Tent City" are told they have until the end of October to leave. But before they go, volunteers are helping those who need it most.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation issued notices to those at the encampment nearly a week ago. It's to make room for an upcoming project.

Below I-794, help came in all sizes on Thursday, Oct. 10. Volunteers gave away coats, passed out hats and gloves and cooked up change.

Maurice Allen

"We have hot dogs, brats, fruit, chips," said Maurice Allen, an organizer.

The volunteers are feeding their own souls on their mission to make a difference.

"I have a passion to give back to the community," Allen said.

"Just showing that we love and support and that they're not alone fighting this battle," said Kylon Booths.

That love and support did not go unnoticed.

"I appreciate anything that God gives me," said Willie Daniels. "To see people volunteer -- it makes me happy to see that another person cares."

The benevolent operation was organized by Maurice Allen. He calls the group, "The Street Warriors."

"A lot of the time, they're under this bridge at night, waiting for the daylight to come," Allen said.

Milwaukee County is offering resources to help those living in the encampment to find permanent housing.

"I'll be moving very soon," Daniels said.

But while people are living here, volunteers like this group will remain dedicated to helping their daily needs.


"I can see on their faces that they are very happy," Allen said. "It's our responsibility to look out for the less fortunate."

The group that volunteered Thursday gave out more than 60 pairs of shoes and dozens of meals.