"It's going to start getting big:" A new week brings new closures in billion dollar Zoo Interchange project

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A new round of closures this week in the ongoing billion-dollar Zoo Interchange construction project.

84th Street under I-94 is the latest byway to be barricaded off as part of the Zoo Interchange construction project. That stretch will be closed for half-a-year.

"If you thought that the project had been big, it's really going to start -- it's going to start getting big. There are going to be frequent traffic control changes and modifications," Ryan Luck with the Wisconsin DOT said.

Adam Luehmann is an accounting student at Wisconsin Lutheran College -- located on Bluemound Road just east of Highway 45. This Thursday, the Bluemound bridge is closing for demolition, and Luehmann figures living near school is about to really start to pay off.

"I know a couple of my friends live on the other side of 45. They are worried about the time it's going to take to commute out instead of what it takes now," Luehmann said.

On Monday, the DOT said it is putting up extra signage around Bluemound Road to help guide drivers around construction -- particularly to help get cars onto Highway 45.

The 84th Street and soon-to-be Bluemound closures are considered long-term -- five months, maybe more.

Driver should know the South 76th Street bridge opened recently -- ahead of the 84th Street shutdown to give drivers a reasonable detour.