Hayat Pharmacy taps into new tech, ensuring patients have 'easy, convenient' way to get their meds

MILWAUKEE -- Keeping track of your medications can be difficult both for patients and their caregivers. Officials at Hayat Pharmacy are tapping into new technology that could help you keep track of your pills.

Employees of Hayat Pharmacy on North Avenue hope to make one of life's chores a little easier.

"Now we have a solution, locally, here in Milwaukee, that can package the medication for them in an easy, convenient way," said Hashim Zaibak, CEO of Hayat Pharmacy.

Hayat Pharmacy pill packaging

The technicians organize individualized medications by hand.

"We have a pharmacist that's checking everything that we do step-by-step," said Dena Saleh, lead pharmacy tech.

Patients are given medicine organized by when they take them -- instead of having to sort through pill bottles themselves.

"They don't even have to think, 'Which one is my blood pressure medication? Which one is my diabetes medication? Which one is my cholesterol medication?' They're all together in here," Zaibak said.

Zaibak said independent research showed Milwaukee patients, in particular, have an adherence problem. That means they are not taking their medications as often as they should, but this new system is changing that.

"The average person, their adherence will go up from filling the prescription seven times a year to about 11 times a year. They're definitely taking their medication more often," Zaibak said.

Hayat Pharmacy officials said the packaging can also help prevent accidental overdoses.