Giving the gift of warmth: Girl & her father team up to donate hats to Milwaukee police for distribution

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Giving the gift of warmth. Milwaukee police are working to distribute dozens of winter hats -- donated by a south side business owner and his daughter. Those hats will be handed out by officers when they're on patrol.

There are many things officers work to put a cap on. Usually, it's crime.

"Often, when police go out in neighborhoods we are meeting someone in crisis. You never know when you might need somebody`s help out there on the streets. Hats for us, it`s the winter, and hats keep you warm. No different than gloves. The majority of heat is lost through your head. It's the winter. It`s a great tool," Milwaukee Police Officer Alfonso Morales said.

Hundreds of hats have been donated. They'll "ride along" with Milwaukee police officers on patrol, and they'll be handed out to those in need.

This effort began with Jordan Arenzon.

"You can bring a bunch of these and hand them out to so many people," Arenzon said.

Arenzon is going a service project as part of her Bat Mitzvah.

"I am doing a project called Gift of Warmth and I give these hats to police officers so they can give them out in the area. My dad donated them from his company. We have a little bit over a thousand," Arenzon said.

Arenzon's father owns Wisconsin Knitwear. Together, they're hoping to cap off a cold winter.

"I know there's a need here," Arenzon said.

Police have already begun distributing the hats.