GAB staff working to scan large amount of recall petitions

MADISON -- Recall petitions delivered to the Government Accountability Board this week are now sitting in a secret location, and the GAB is in the process of scanning all of them into a database. It's a very long a tedious process, and the GAB says there's a long road ahead in getting all of these petitions processed.

The GAB has set up a live feed via web-cam where anyone can watch the staff at work scanning what will be nearly two million recall signatures. The GAB is keeping the location secret, for now. "We never said we were going to keep the location a secret the whole time, but our planning said until we have everything scanned and know we have a backup, we'll take that precaution," GAB President Kevin Kennedy said.

Kennedy spoke at Marquette University Thursday afternoon. He says GAB staff started the scanning process with the Wisconsin State Senate recall petitions, but they are still unsure if they will certify those before the statewide petitions of Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Kleefisch are processed. "The first petition will take longer than the second one. There are reasons why we might consider the senate first, but right now we haven't made that decision," Kennedy said.

Kennedy says they initially thought it would take about 31 days for the GAB to review all the signatures, but when the petitions were dropped off at the GAB on Tuesday, they realized their plans weren't exactly on the mark. "We ended up with two less Senate races than our planning process, but ended up with again, 400,000 plus signatures more than we expected," Kennedy said.

As of right now, all the media or the public is able to see is the live feed via web-cam of staff scanning the signatures. Kennedy says he hopes they'll wrap up that process by the end of the day on Friday.

Click here to view the GAB's web-cam.