Dousman woman arrested for 4th OWI offense after calling police to her home amid fight with boyfriend

Angela Douglas

DOUSMAN -- A Dousman woman has been charged with her fourth OWI offense, after prosecutors say she returned home after a night of drinking, and called police to report that her boyfriend had choked her. She was taken into custody at her own home.

41-year-old Angela Douglas faces one count of OWI, fourth offense and one count of disorderly conduct, domestic abuse.

According to a criminal complaint, police on Christmas were called out to a home on Stephan Court near State Street in Dousman for a report of a domestic violence incident. Douglas called police, indicating she'd been choked by her live-in boyfriend.

When they responded, police located Douglas at the end of the driveway -- crying and yelling.

An officer entered the apartment and noticed several chairs tipped over, and dishes, cups and other items scattered throughout the living room and kitchen.

The complaint indicates Douglas' boyfriend told investigators he'd been sleeping alone in the upstairs bedroom, when Douglas came home after drinking with friends. He said Douglas called him on her way home and began arguing with him about another woman. He said he told her to "stay away," and to "not come home if she was going to continue to act this way." He said he then hung up the phone and went to bed.

When Douglas arrived home, her boyfriend told investigators she came upstairs and began yelling at him. He said she wanted to argue, and he wanted to sleep. He said the more he ignored her, the more aggravated she became. The complaint says at one point, Douglas began throwing household items at him -- continuing to yell at him as she left the apartment.

Angela Douglas

When speaking with Douglas, investigators noted a strong odor of intoxicants coming from her, and police said she was "initially very uncooperative and yelled at the officer several times." After anxiety medication was administered to Douglas, she continued yelling at the officer and said her boyfriend had choked her in the apartment. The complaint says she could not provide a consistent account of what occurred that night in the apartment.

The complaint says Douglas eventually calmed down and apologized for her behavior, but she refused to answer questions about what happened in the apartment and said "she just wanted her boyfriend back and wanted this to all go away." She said she'd been drinking with a friend in Johnson Creek -- consuming a bottle of wine and several beers before driving to her Dousman home from Johnson Creek.

When asked whether she'd thrown items throughout the apartment, the complaint says Douglas told the officer he "needed to move on and stop asking questions about that," refusing to answer the question and asking the officer what would happen next. She advised that she had three prior drunk driving convictions and this one would be a felony.

Field sobriety tests were performed poorly, and the complaint indicates Douglas was asked whether she felt impaired by alcohol. She responded "duh, no kidding."

A preliminary breath test revealed a result of .137, and she was arrested for OWI. A blood sample was taken for analysis.

The complaint notes prior OWI convictions in May of 1997, January of 2002 and June of 2010.

Douglas made her initial appearance in court in this case on December 27th. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for January 4th, and cash bond was set at $1,500.