Captured: U.S. Marshals say Demond Robinson is "someone who has total disregard for the law"

MILWAUKEE -- Handcuffs are no stranger to the hands of Demond Robinson, 34, also known as “D-Low” in the street. He’s been arrested 24 times since 2001. Agents describe him as “someone who has total disregard for the law.”

In a city as large as Milwaukee tracking Robinson's movements has not been easy. But the tattoos on his body make him easier to spot. The name “Janice” inked on his body…the phrase "1 and only" on his neck and a distinct quote on his arm… “Me against the world”

U.S. Marshals say Robinson is wanted for possession of a firearm by a felon. In September 2014, he was stopped near North 20th street. The temporary registration plates on the car he was a passenger of were illegible. A search of the vehicle found a stolen 9 mm semi-automatic hand gun loaded with 12 hollow-point, unfired cartridges.  A check of the serial number on the weapon revealed it was stolen.

Robinson was found guilty in Milwaukee County Circuit Court. He was out on bail, and was ordered to appear for sentencing on November 20, 2015. But he never showed up. He has not been seen since.

Robinson’s strong gang affiliation with the “Uptown Four Boys” may be why several past attempts to get him behind bars were unsuccessful. The gang has a reputation for violent crimes. Witnesses to his alleged crimes are often uncooperative. He has five prior drug offense convictions (cocaine and marijuana)

Robinson is considered dangerous. Authorities believe he is hiding somewhere closer to the north side of Milwaukee. They are asking those who know of his whereabouts help bring him to justice. Call 414-297-3707 if you have information that can help investigators.

Days after he was profiled by FOX6, a tip from the community helped capture Robinson. He was hiding in a home on 35th and Hampton.