Brew City Brand Apparel takes advantage of replacement ref call

MILWAUKEE -- The call by the replacement referees that led to outrage in Packers nation following Monday night's game against Seattle isn't all bad news. For one Milwaukee business, it could mean cash in the bank.

Brew City Brand Apparel of Milwaukee was already busy Tuesday turning out T-shirts that reflect the angst felt my most Green Bay Packers fans.

Just hours after the Packers lost to the Seattle Seahawks on a game-ending call by a replacement referee -- a call debated at great length -- Brew City had come up with two slogans to put on their T-shirts. One reads, "Bad call. That's all." The other reads, "After further review, the Pack got screwed." Each shirt also reads, "Unnecessary ref-ness."

"You start having these things play around in your mind and say, 'Boy that could be funny,'" Frank Keppler said.

While his livelihood depends on people buying his products, Keppler says it isn't so much about the sales as it is the message.

"In a way I'm speaking for everybody that said, 'Wow, this replacement ref thing isn't working out too well,'" Keppler said.

So how does Keppler turn out the T-shirts so quickly? Luckily, the Brew City Brand has all the necessary components of apparel making in house. But like everything, it starts with an idea.

"Internally, first is it a good idea, then sometimes I have to persuade people that my cheesy ideas are good, so I have to go to people's desks and go 'what the ref?' When I do that enough, somebody will start designing one of them or I'll come back to my desk and do it," Keppler said.

Keppler says sometimes they can make an idea become a T-shirt within just a half-hour.

A film gets shot onto a screen, and the screen gets put into a press to print the shirts. Then, a swath of ink is applied, the shirts are baked for 20 seconds, and they're ready to wear!

The T-shirts are expected to be available in Brew City locations starting Tuesday evening, September 25th.

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