After another coat of snow, brace yourself for bitter cold

MILWAUKEE -- It was a slow morning for many who were trying to make their way through the wintry mess.

Cars made their way through slushy streets as snow deliveries were unloaded. Despite the conditions, people in Milwaukee kept on trucking.

But Jack Frost came to town in November -- leaving some feeling miserable.

While the recent snowstorms have been bearable, it is the potentially record-setting cold forecast for Tuesday that has shaking in their boots.

Bob Waite

If you find yourself in a bind, help is at your frigid fingertips. A call to the Impact 211 hotline can help you thaw out sooner than expected.

"If they are a homeowner, if they have a furnace is not working and they don't have the means to take care of that or the money, they can call 211 and we can get them connected to a local agency that can do an assessment and see if that sort of service can be provided for free," said Bob Waite, Senior account manager for Impact 211.

It is peace of mind -- as we all prepare to cope with the bitter cold a little earlier this season.