140 employers at job fair looking for workers with right skill sets

MILWAUKEE -- Employers say they have jobs available, but few people to hire! Many recruiters say they aren't necessarily seeing workers with the right skill sets to match available positions.

Wisconsin's Private College Career Fair was held Thursday evening at Marquette University, and companies say finding new employees with the right experience and education can be difficult! 140 employers were on hand for Thursday's event, and employers say some of the things they're looking for are technical knowledge, project management skills, and even electrical and mechanical engineers.

The job demands force many looking for work to walk on by during Thursday's job fair. "Some of our full-time positions, it's a little bit harder to find that skill set. The issue is finding the young people we need with both the talent and the education," one employer said.

Representatives from aerospace equipment maker EMTEQ says it's not an issue of not having jobs available, but rather, looking for workers with the proper skill set to fit the position.

Jon Nowak with Rockwell Automation says he's seen qualified applicants come through Thursday's job fair. "We've been very successful in finding a lot of good candidates," Nowak said.

Officials with this year's job fair say so many employers wanted space this year, that about two dozen had to be turned away.