Zoo in You is "an exciting, temporary exhibit now open" at Discovery World

MILWAUKEE -- If you're looking for something to do with the kids this summer, there's a new special exhibit at Discovery World. Called "Zoo In You," it explores the millions, trillions, of little things that live inside our bodies. Carl got a preview.

About Zoo in You (website)

You are not alone. You are a universe, a multiverse for trillions and trillions of incredibly small bacteria, viruses, fungi, and archaea. These microorganisms have been with you since the moment you were born. You cannot survive without them.

Join us for Zoo in You – the Human Microbiome, an exciting, temporary exhibit now open through Labor Day. Explore the wild, fantastic, and interconnected world of the microorganisms that inhabit you!

Come face to face with your full-body microbial reflection at the motion sensing microbe mirror. Manipulate a maze to learn how a newborn baby is first colonized by microbes. Interact with green screen technology to give a “weather report” on the current conditions of your nose, mouth, gut, or skin. Peer into a microscope to see real preserved microbe specimens, and investigate the four major kinds of microbes live inside you!

Explore your constant microbial companions – where they live, how diverse they are, and how important they are to your personal health. Discover the Zoo in You!