Daily Forecast Update

Forecast from FOX6 Meteorologist Eric Manges

Staying fantastic and sunny into Sunday and Monday with highs getting near 80.
Eventually, by mid-week, we'll warm into the mid-80s.
Still no significant rain chances in sight as drought conditions likely return.
On the positive side at least we'll have lots of sunshine.

Tonight:  Partly to mostly cloudy then clearing by morning.
Low:      50°
Wind:     NE 3-7

Sunday:   Mostly sunny.
High:     78°
Wind:     E 5-10

Monday:   Mostly sunny.
AM Low:   53°                    High:  80°
Wind:     E 5-10

Tuesday:  Mostly sunny.
AM Low:   57°                    High:  82°
Wind:     SE 5-10

Wednesday: Mostly sunny.
AM Low:   59°                    High:  86°
Wind:     SE 5-10

Thursday: Partly Cloudy.
AM Low:   63°                    High:  85°
Wind:     SE 5-10

Friday:   Partly Cloudy.
AM Low:   62°                    High:  80°
Wind:     NE 10-15

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