Spring storm to bring wind, showers and thunderstorms to Wisconsin on Saturday

Milwaukee -- This weekend a strong low pressure system is expected to develop and move over the Midwest.  Ahead of the low, warm air and moisture will be dragged northward from the Southern Plains, and behind it, cold dry air will funnel in from southern Canada. The current forecast takes the center of the low over eastern Iowa and Minnesota, as well as western Wisconsin.

If the current track holds, which it's expected to, Southern Wisconsin could potentially see a few rounds of heavy rain and even thunderstorms as the low passes by. Early in the afternoon, a warm front will pass with scattered showers and storms.

A cold front will follow later on, with another round of showers and storms; even a strong storm or two.  1-2 inches of rain is possible in total.

In between the rounds of rain, temperatures could reach upper 50s to low 60s for a few hours! States south of Wisconsin could even see temps in the 70s!

The price we pay for warmer weather on Saturday, comes in the form of high wind on Sunday where gusts could reach upwards of 40 mph throughout the day.

So if you plan on getting some fresh air this weekend, keep an eye on the forecast as we will have plenty of rain to keep track of on Saturday.