Mid-April cool down on the way, Great Lakes region will struggle to reach average temps

SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN -- After near-record high temps on April 7, with many areas getting close to 80˚, Mother Nature serves us some humble pie for the mid-portion of the month.

For the mid part of April, much of the state and the entire Great Lakes region will struggle to get to average temperatures.

Cooler than average conditions very likely for the mid part of April

When we say below average this doesn't mean we'll be seeing 0˚ -- or anything close to it.

High temps are expected to struggle to get into the mid-40s, when generally, climate norms have southeast Wisconsin high temps between 54˚-56˚.

High temp forecast for the 15th of April

The big question still is, how cold can we get in the mornings? We've been hovering above freezing for a low just about every day so far in April but that will likely change.

Replanting your garden will probably have to wait until the end of April as lows have a great chance to dip into the 20s. The average low for this period of time is between 37˚-39˚.

Low temps with current model numbers (April 8th) for April 15th.

Canadian air will be a major influence of our weather for the bulk of April. Longer-term outlooks put us back to average by the end of the month but a lot can still change before then.