Fall dresses up like winter for Halloween: 'The worst is yet to come'

NASHOTAH/MILWAUKEE -- Fall is dressing up like winter for Halloween. For many, it is more of a trick than a treat.

On a snowy Nashotah street, there is a sign things have not gone according to plan for Cheryl Wasilczuk.

"Lots of crafts. I like to do scrapbooking. I have some books here I'm done with," Wasilczuk said. It looks OK two weeks ago, I think."

Wasilczuk has lived in this house for 20 years -- and finally decided to sell some stuff collecting dust in the basement. Now, it is collecting snow in her garage sale.

"I need to get it done. I need to reclaim my space," Wasilczuk said.

There are Christmas decorations, sleds, and ironically, themed sweatshirts up for grabs.

Wintry Halloween at Milwaukee's lakeshore

While it does not look like Wasilczuk's garage sale will be cashing in during Thursday's snowstorm, in Milwaukee waves are crashing in for a Halloween shock.

"The waves are just beautiful. I had to pull over and see the winter, Halloween mesh," said college student Cassandra Walker.

Walker was drawn to the scene along the lakeshore -- a shoreline that has moved inland a few extra feet.

"I've never seen the parking lot blocked off because the waves are so high," Walker said.

Wintry Halloween at Milwaukee's lakeshore

Wintry Halloween at Milwaukee's lakeshore

Each time, the lake crashes into the rocks. Each time, a snowflake hits Walker's windshield.

"The worst is yet to come. Ha! I think," Walker said.

There is a thought this Halloween will be remembered as snowy and scary.

"That's the real spook of today. Oh boy! We've got the whole rest of the winter to go through this," Walker said.

In case you are wondering, Wasilczuk's yard sale will be back in operation Friday and Saturday.