Whitnall senior shines on tennis court: 'Keeps me very grounded'

It is a sport that puts her skills to the test -- both physically and mentally -- but playing tennis doesn't run in Autumn Bruno's family.

A a three-time state qualifier in girls tennis, the Whitnall High School senior is now a FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

"When I was younger, a family friend actually started me off around the age of four. Ever since then I have been very passionate about the sport," Bruno said. "Funny story, my parents never actually played tennis in their entire lives, but have always been my biggest fans and have always encouraged me throughout my years."

Bruno said her favorite memory was from her freshman year at sectionals. Down 0-5 in the second set, she came back to win the whole match.

"Tennis is a very difficult sport. It is more mentally than physically I think. It keeps me very grounded as a person spiritually, mentally and physically," said Bruno.