Sizzling secrets for a backyard BBQ to beat them all

MILWAUKEE -- Our resident foodie Kyle Cherek along with chef Miles Borghgraef of Lake Park Bistro join Real Milwaukee to talk about grilling.

Beef Rip Roast



    Two days prior to cooking:

      One day prior to cooking:

        Let your butter come to room temp, so it’s malleable.  Wash and dry the ramps and then chop fine.  Mix your chopped ramps and room temp butter as to create a compound butter.  Reserve back into the fridge until the day of.

            Day of BBQ:

        Remove rib roast from refrigerator about 3 hours before cook time and let the roast come to room temperature.

        While your Rib roast is tempering.  Light your bbq.  Get an extremely large and hot fire going.   Once all the coals are white and glowing and no more flame is being emitted, spread the coals out evening to either sides of the grill, leaving a channel, so to speak, through the middle of the grill where there are no coals.

        At this point, season your roast once more with salt and place in the center of the grill where there are no coal directly underneath.  Now comes the attentive part:  For the next 60-90 minutes rotate your roast on the grill so that all sides come into contact with the grates at least twice.  Doing the majority of the cooking while your grill lid is closed. The reason for rotating so much is so that any one place on the roast isn’t left directly on the grates long enough to burn.  That said, a really dark sear/crust on the exterior of the roast is the desired results.  So it’s pertinent to walk the fine line of perfect sear and burnt, but making sure not to burn.  Depending on the size of your grill, if it is large enough, you shouldn’t have to add more coals throughout the process, but if you are working with a smaller grill, which is still fine, roughly half way through, remove the roast, lift your grill grates and add a bit more charcoal to both sides of the grill.

        As you cook, about 30minutes in, begin checking temperature as you adjust/turn your rib roast.  Your desired temp is about 125f for a wonderfully rose inside and a dark well charred exterior. And obviously if you like you beef a little more on the will done side, 135-140 is where you’d like to be.  This all said, if you’re into shoe leather, aka; really really well done, this recipe may not be for you because odds are your exterior will burn before you reach your desired interior temperature.

        To finish!:  Once your roast is cooked, remove it from  the grill and place on a large cutting board or a clean picnic table with newspaper.  Let rest for 15-20minutes without cutting into the steak.  Smear the ramp butter all over the outside, letting it melt into the delicious chunk of meat.  Now slice, season a little more with salt, if desired, and enjoy!