Shrimp 101: Chef Micah Kaufman talks size, cooking and the great tail debate

(WITI) -- We're continuing our seafood 101 series with the executive chef of the Milwaukee Art Museum. Micah Kaufman joins Real Milwaukee to give us the scoop on shrimp.


Shrimp Scampi with Orzo Pasta

Micah Kaufman, Milwaukee Art Museum

Serves 4

12 Shrimp, 12/14 Size (12 to 14 per lb.) Tails Off

4T Garlic Chopped

1T Red Pepper Flakes (optional)

4T Grapeseed or Corn Oil

4T Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/2c Chopped Parsley

4c Cooked Orzo Pasta

1/2c White Wine

Salt and Pepper to Taste

1 Lemon, Sliced

To begin, have everything set, measured and handy.  This is a very fast dish; you will not have time to chop while cooking.  Introduce the Corn Oil to a pan at medium high heat.   Add Garlic and Pepper Flakes, stirring to distribute the heat.  Add Salt and Pepper to  your shrimp. When it smells like garlic, add your shrimp to the pan, again spread out to distribute heat.  They will begin to curl and turn bright pink on the bottom.  Flip them over with a spoon and add your white wine AWAY FROM THE FLAME!  This will effectively steam the shrimp the rest of the way.  Add your cooked orzo pasta, Parsley and Olive Oil.  Stir until the pasta is hot, about 1 min. Serve in a large dish for sharing.  Top with lemon.