Zoo Interchange construction project: As 76th Street bridge reopens, other routes are about to close

WEST ALLIS (WITI) -- During this first weekend in October, two routes previously closed due to the ongoing Zoo Interchange construction project were reopened, but that means other routes are about to close. DOT officials this weekend were focusing on a big part of the project being completed, and reopened.

"It's fresh concrete. It's some of our favorite, favorite scents of the fall, spring or summer," Mike Pyritz with the Wisconsin DOT said.

The 76th Street bridge reopened this weekend, after it was demolished back in April.

"The northeast corner of the State Fair grounds, not far from the big Pumpkin of course and what you are seeing today is we do have one lane in each direction open to traffic," Pyritz said.

"It was real nice to see they opened that up," Ken Bohn said.

Bohn is a retired police chief, and he's wrapping up another stay at the State Fair RV Park. He says he'll be taking advantage of the 76th Street bridge reopening.

"I kind of thought 'hey, it kind of makes it easier to get to some of the businesses we use while we are here,'" Bohn said.

But as one path opens, the DOT is closing others as the billion-dollar Zoo Interchange project continues.

"We've got an awful lot of work yet to do by 84th Street. Going to be a lot of work going on there," Pyritz said.

Further out, drivers can expect closures and delays on 92nd Street.

It is important to note, however, that the Zoo Interchange project is on schedule.

"We are pretty much right on the money. Mother Nature has been cooperative to this point," Pyritz said.

The nice thing for Bohn is that he sleeps where he parks.

"Detours never stop you," Bohn said.

CLICK HERE for the latest on the Zoo Interchange construction project via the Wisconsin DOT's website.