'You never know what you'll find' at the biennial Milwaukee Rep Theater prop sale

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Rep Theater's Prop Sale returned Saturday, April 20 by popular demand. The sale is a place where you neve know what you'll find.

Jim Guy

"We don't have the space to keep this stuff," said Jim Guy, properties director of the Milwaukee Rep.

All of the stuff needs to go. The Milwaukee Repertory Theater holds the prop sale to make room for storage space.

"This stuff is all cheap," said Guy. "We're not selling it for what it's worth."

Milwaukee Rep Prop Sale

Milwaukee Rep Prop Sale

It's a sale that happens every other year, selling items from previous shows including costumes, pianos, furniture and more. Guy says the handcrafted items were specifically made for each show, so there's no sense in keeping them.

"They're unique -- they're not just different," said Guy.

The unique items are on such high demand that a line formed hours before the doors opened.

"I'm usually first in line, and then by the time the sale starts, the line is way over there," said Henry Osier, Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Rep Prop Sale

Peggy Wright

Shoppers come for different reasons, but one thing keeps them coming back every time.

"I come here for costumes, and I love hats," said Peggy Wright of Sussex. "Just the fun of it, because you never know what you're going to find."

Guy explains people at the sale appreciate everything that goes into the technical and artistic departments at The Rep, as each item has its own story relevant to the show it was in.

"This is kind of the reward at the end, to see people that come see the show really appreciate the objects close up," said Guy.

Milwaukee Rep Prop Sale