"You get attached to it:" Arizona family selling '92 Honda with 300,000 miles!

PHOENIX, Arizona -- An Arizona family is selling their car, and it's all about one number: 300,000. It's not what they're hoping to get for their car. It's what they've put into it.

For some, a car is just a car, but for the Bear family, it's been so much more. Barb Bear bought the vehicle back in 1992 after realizing she was mature enough to take really good care of a car -- sort of.

"I wasn't gonna eat in it. I wasn't gonna do any of that obnoxious stuff. The next week, I was taking classes in Tolleson, living up here in North Phoenix. I automatically drove into Circle K, got a soda and a candy bar, got in the car and thought, 'screw it,'" Barb Bear said.

The four wheels have served as pillars in their relationship, and before kids and school and sports games and graduations, it was there for meeting the in-laws.

"And John was driving -- Thanksgiving. And he was being ridiculous, because he's an Arizona driver on ice," Barb Bear said.

"I'm a native," John Bear said.

"I immediately took over the wheel and said, 'you're not driving. I am.' And we arrived at my aunt and uncle's in Kansas City not speaking to each other," Barb Bear said.

They said age doesn't mean a thing, especially when it comes to a Honda. Even though she has 300,000 miles on her, she's created millions of memories.

"It's not a person. It's a thing. But you get attached to it, you know? And you have a sentimental value. So I want to sell it for a lot more than, obviously, somebody wants to pay for it. But to us, it's personal," John Bear said.

As one chapter is coming to an end, another is beginning. The Bear family said they hope to sell the Honda to a family who will love her just as much as they have.