Woman arrested after flipping off Sheriff Clarke

A 49-year-old woman was cited and arrested in Milwaukee County Thursday morning for ignoring proper lane signage and then extending her middle finger out her window -- at Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

The woman apparently ignored the lane signage to an on-ramp to I-43 southbound near North Ave. and then sped past other drivers. When she did so, she held her middle finger out the window for a "significant period of time."

It turns out one of the persons she was flipping off was Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who was driving an unmarked squad.

Sheriff Clarke activated his lights, pulled the driver over, and found she was driving with a suspended license.

When Sheriff Clarke approached the car, the woman immediately recognized him. She says she was in a hurry and apologized for her actions. She indicated if she had known it was him, she wouldn't have done it. The sheriff replied, "You shouldn't have done that to anybody."

The woman was cited for operating while suspended, reckless endangering safety and then arrested on a warrant.