Wisconsin Red Cross volunteers travel to Texas for storm relief: "Going to be down there for a while"

Red Cross relief

MILWAUKEE -- As Tropical Storm Harvey continues to take its toll on the Texas coast, people from all over the country are descending on the state to help with relief. Red Cross Wisconsin is playing a key role in the efforts.

34 Red Cross volunteers from all across Wisconsin are either already in Texas, on their way or taking off Sunday. They're part of the first wave of people who will be down there for two to three weeks.

Red Cross relief

From bleach to bug spray, Red Cross Regional CEO, Patty Flowers, says her crews pack a little of everything to help hurricane victims whose homes have been damaged or destroyed.

"We have four vehicles. Our emergency vehicles are gone, those are our feeding vehicles. They'll take food, water, cleaning kits," said Flowers.

Diana O'Neill is among the nearly three dozen volunteers from the Badger State who feels compelled to help. She's setting aside birthday plans to fly to the disaster zone on Sunday.

"We'll celebrate down in Texas," said O'Neill.

Red Cross relief

As the storm continues to pound the Texas coast, Flowers estimates thousands of volunteers will need to aid in the relief efforts. The cost could be in the millions.

"If this storm does what they are predicting, which is just sit in the area and dump rain, it is going to be catastrophic flooding. And if that's true, people aren't going to be able to get back into their homes quickly. We're going to be down there for awhile," said Flowers.

If you'd like to help out the Red Cross, you can sign up to be a volunteer, attend a blood drive or donate money. CLICK HERE for more information.

Red Cross relief