Wisconsin Department of Justice: Man died at hospital after officer-involved shooting in Watertown

WATERTOWN -- A man died after an officer-involved shooting in Watertown on Sunday, May 31. Officials with the Wisconsin Department of Justice said it began when police initiated a traffic stop for a burnt-out taillight.

According to the DOJ, law enforcement had been looking for the subject to question him about his involvement in a domestic incident.

During the traffic stop, a Taser was deployed, but was not effective.

Officials said shots were fired from within the vehicle, and officers returned fire. A firearm was found in the vehicle, according to the DOJ.

Law enforcement officials immediately began life-saving measures, and paramedics later transported the man to a hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries sustained during the incident. DOJ officials noted as a result, organ donation was something the family chose to pursue. That process was completed Wednesday.

No law enforcement personnel or other individuals were injured during the incident.

The involved officers from the Watertown Police Department were placed on administrative leave, per department policy.

Officer-involved shooting in Watertown

Officer-involved shooting in Watertown

Officer-involved shooting in Watertown