WHS seeks owners of 2 pups found in Racine, dogs test positive for parvovirus

RACINE -- The Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) is looking for the owners of two pups found playing in the grass outside of a Target store in Racine on Saturday, May 11.

Officials say the dogs, who have been named Rose and Blanche, were brought to the WHS Racine Campus by a family concerned for the animals' safety.

Upon their veterinary assessment, the WHS team noticed both puppies had live fleas, burrs in their fur, and runny eyes -- all of which can be treated with a bath and some medication. Sadly, both of the pups also tested positive for parvovirus -- which is highly contagious and can be lethal.

WHS is now asking for public donations to help offset the cost of the dogs' care. If you are interested in helping out, you are encouraged to visit http://bit.ly/WHSGoldenGirls or call 414-431-6119.