What's changed with how sexual assaults are investigated?

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Things look a little casual at Milwaukee City Hall on Wednesday, April 23rd. But the reason behind all the denim is anything but casual.

"We are wearing denim because of the international movement called Denim Day," said Dawn Helmrich, Denim Day organizer. "Due to a woman in Italy who was raped by her driving instructor. And when she took the case court to the highest judge overturned the case, saying that because she was wearing very tight jeans, and she had to remove them, it made it consensual sex."

In protest, jeans were worn on Wednesday.

Four years ago, Helmrich brought Denim Day to Milwaukee. Sharing her own survivor story and organizing this day are just a few reasons why Milwaukee awarded Helmrich with a special honor.

The Milwaukee Police Department, District Attorney's Office and Aurora Sexual Assault Services are teaming up to allow an advocate to be present with any initial police interview that involves a sexual assault.

"I think its bringing the Milwaukee Police Department into the 21st century," said Capt. James Shepard of the Milwaukee Police Department's Sensitive Crimes Division.