'We are making our services free:' How to avoid ER, urgent care if you get hurt amid the pandemic

Dr. Jay Kimmel

MILWAUKEE -- Whether they're trying to stay in shape or starting a new exercise routine, some are turning to fitness in an effort to stay healthy and busy during quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic, but one wrong move can cause a great deal of pain.

"You might twist an ankle, or get a sore shoulder from doing one of those exercise programs," said Dr. Jay Kimmel, president of Upswing Health. "The last place we want you to go right now is an urgent care center or ER center. All of our colleagues are there working so hard to take care of all of the patients with COVID-19."

Dr. Kimmel said that's where telemedicine comes in.

"Right now, we are making all of our services free, so we are really trying to do our small part to really help people in the age of the pandemic," said Dr. Kimmel.

Upswing Health's online platform helps people with pain in places like their ligaments and tendons figure out what to do. Just a few clicks can open the virtual door to wellness.

"Sometimes, you need a little bit of orthopedic advice, and the way we do it is, we have the ability to talk in real time, immediately, to an athletic trainer," said Dr. Kimmel. "These people, these men and women are great at giving you some general medical advice -- maybe setting you up with a nice exercise program, and following up with you."

While personalized recovery plans may do the trick, sometimes, these doctors can help you determine if something is more serious.

"It could also be, maybe you actually do need to see a doctor," said Dr. Kimmel. "If that is the case, we set up a telemedicine visit with primary care, sports medicine doctors."

Virtual medicine is helping to offer peace of mind and protection as we all try to mitigate contact and practice social distancing.

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