Walworth Co. officials warn of freezing on ramps, bridges

WALWORTH CO. (WITI) -- Walworth County is experiencing an unusually higher number of incidents of freezing on bridges and ramps, according to the Walworth County Sheriff's Office.

The Walworth County Highway Department is working to control the situation; however, due to the extremely cold temperatures and high winds, the roads are quickly freezing over.

It is not possible to see these conditions, and motorists are advised to use reduced speeds, be alert to blowing snow and are urged to not change speeds while crossing bridges.

Residents are asked to keep tabs on friends and relatives that live alone. Make sure that they have heat and other necessary supplies during this period of extreme weather.

If travel is necessary, be prepared if you become stranded. Take extra clothing and blankets, keep cell phones charged and let someone know you travel plans and intended route.

An emergency travel kit is recommended and instructions on how to make one can be found at readywisconsin.wi.gov.