"Very encouraging:" After 14-year-old boy hit by vehicle, residents meet on intersection safety in New Berlin

NEW BERLIN -- A 14-year-old boy was struck by a vehicle on August 20th, near the intersection of Moorland Road and Mayflower Drive in New Berlin. The boy's mother is now leading the charge to make the area safer for pedestrians and bicyclists -- and a whole lot of people are supporting her in that effort.

Charles Bray

14-year-old Charles Bray was crossing the street on his bicycle when a DHL truck that had the right of way rammed into him. The impact sent the boy flying into the air, and his bicycle tumbled across the street.

The DHL truck was damaged, and Bray was hurt.

After spending some time in the hospital as a result of his head injury, the boy has returned home.

This, as his mother is pushing for changes to the intersection where he was hit.

"We need to look out for the kids," a New Berlin resident said.

Crash in New Berlin involving DHL truck and 14-year-old boy

A meeting was held Wednesday evening, September 9th at the New Berlin Community Center. Residents are urging New Berlin's Safety Commission to take a closer look at a dangerous intersection.

The boy's mother, Bo Bandow collected more than 400 signatures to try to get a push-button crosswalk at the intersection -- but there may be logistic and financial hurdles.

Intersection safety meeting in New Berlin

"There is no cost for safety. A kid's life is number one," Bandow said.

A pedestrian crossing would also require sidewalks -- and those would need to be placed on homeowners' property.

Some say they feel kids just need to follow existing laws.

"It wouldn`t have prevented this accident. Kids are not going to get off their bikes to push that button," one resident said.

A bicycle-only push button may be the easiest solution for neighborhood kids who cross near Moorland and Mayflower to get to New Berlin Eisenhower Middle/High School.

Crash in New Berlin involving DHL truck and 14-year-old boy

This is just the beginning of what's sure to be a long discussion -- but Bandow hopes a solution will get the green light soon.

"Very encouraging. Very hopeful meeting," Bandow said.

New Berlin's Safety Committee will review several options and report back in one month. From there, a recommendation will be made to the New Berlin City Council about possible changes at Moorland and Mayflower.

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