"They did it in direct daylight:" Craigslist sale turned carjacking in Muskego

MUSKEGO (WITI) -- From Craigslist to carjacking. A Muskego man gets taken for a ride when he thought he'd be selling his car. Now, he's warning others.

The incident happened in broad daylight in the parking lot of his work place. He was surrounded by traffic and people -- he became the target of a scary carjacking.

"It didn't seem real. I thought this would never happen to myself," said Sean Runge, car theft victim.

Sean Runge is still processing 24 hours after a frightening theft.

After posting an ad on Craigslist trying to sell his car, he met with a potential buyer outside of his work at Tres Locos restaurant in Muskego.

"Did an all-around check inside and out," said Runge.

The man asked to go for a test drive and as Runge walked to the passenger side, the sale turned scary.

"I heard him slam it into drive and the tires started squealing on the gravel here," said Runge.

Runge grabbed on the door handle while the car was speeding away.

"Basically dragging me about maybe 50 feet or so until I finally just decided to let it go," said Runge.

He then started chasing after the driver, trying to save his car. Running past the window of the diners inside.

A co-worker ran to help, but they couldn't catch up.

"It's not something you think would happen in this area," said Timothy Koriath, co-worker.

"They did it in direct daylight, in a public restaurant, with people around," said Runge.

Runge now has scrapes lining his arm and shoulder, grateful that was the worst of it.

Now, he's warning others to be smart and aware -- it could happen to anyone.

"If the car turns up, it turns up. It's only a car. It's not my life," said Runge.

Muskego police say no arrests have been made. That car is a grey Infiniti G35.

Police say if you're looking to do a car sale, try to do it in a police department parking lot. And be sure to ask for a driver's license and insurance information.