Texas robbery victim sends armed robber to hospital

(CNN) -- A robbery victim in Texas turned the tables on her attacker! Police say a man armed with a knife hid inside the woman's van. However, the mother was able to fight back -- and sent the armed robber to the hospital.

Police say a two-year-old boy was inside the van with a five-year-old sibling.

The childrens' mother had just left a CVS store when police say a man, identified as Ismael Martinez, popped up in the back of the van with a knife.

"Guy pulled a knife on her, had a knife on my son," Charles Flugence -- the father of the children said.

Flugence says his wife struggled with Martinez, honked the horn and was somehow able to call 911 while getting the knife away from him.

"She got the knife. She's got a cut that goes across her chest. She grabbed the knife, and he bit her hand," Flugence said.

Police say she intentionally ran her van off the road, trying to disorient the attacker, punched him in the face, and when she stopped, he jumped out of the vehicle before she turned the tables and ran him over.

Martinez had to be air-lifted to a hospital with serious injuries to his back.

The children were not harmed -- and their mother is expected to be okay.