Spreading a little Christmas cheer: Wave to "Santa Bob" as you drive by

OAK CREEK (WITI) -- Ask Robert Lehmann if he has a good Christmas memory from his childhood and he pauses.

"No, not really" he says. His parents divorced, money was short, gifts were few.

So it makes it even more interesting that Lehmann is standing along College Avenue in Oak Creek waving to cars that pass.  Oh, and he's also wearing a Santa suit.

Five years ago, he gave a friend $95 to order the suit online. It fits well but could probably use a good dry cleaning; the effects of five years of taking road splash are starting to show.

Lehmann, who is disabled and can't work full-time, spends several hours a day sitting in a lawn chair dressed as Santa. He's unable to work but he's capable -- and determined -- to spread Christmas cheer.

He doesn't have much to offer: a few candy canes, bits of chocolate and some other assorted candy are in his bag. But he has an abundance of good cheer and pure approach to the Christmas season that makes him, in many ways, the perfect Santa. He wants nothing in return. If people insist on giving money, Lehmann asks they do it online and donate to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin of The Wisconsin Humane Society. Even that though, is not necessary.

What Santa Bob really wants is for you to smile, wave and maybe honk back.