Southeastern Wisconsin prepares to beat the heat during humid weekend weather

MILWAUKEE -- After a relatively warm start to the summer, Friday marks the start of a heatwave of sorts. Some folks are fans of the Fahrenheit while others prefer to keep cool. Today, either way we're all being forced to cope with the conditions in southeastern Wisconsin.

"I've got to be honest, I do not look forward to the hot days," said John Kalashian, Catfish Johnny's.

And on the Waukesha County fairgrounds, this means modifications to the menu and for the venue.

"They're not gonna sit down for a big catfish dinner or a big combo plate, you know, because right now it makes them lethargic," said Kalashian.

So Catfish Johnny gets big on the beverages.

"On a day like today we'll sell a lot of liquid products," said Kalashian.

And it' snot just customers who court catfish's concern as the fried food also can cook up complications for his sweltering staff.

"I just make sure that we switch off on the fry areas consistently and I make sure all my people stay hydrated -- drink plenty of fluids, liquids. If you feel dizzy, go sit down in one of the trailers," said Kalashian.

Patrons should also be aware of the different ways which may help them with the heat and humidity.

"We're used to this, this is 'fair' weather," said Waukesha County Fair Executive Director, Shari Black.

Waukesha County Fair Executive Director says the fair is prepared with a few cool options including a misting tent, two air conditioned buildings and the relaxing of a rule.

"We also lifted the ban on our 'no carry-in policy.' Everybody can bring in a water bottle and refill that at the various water fountains on the grounds," said Black.

If you are planning on making your way to the Lakeshore sometime soon this afternoon -- be aware it is crowded. And if you're going to the Waukesha County Fair on Saturday, you will be allowed to continue carrying in your clear water bottles for fill-ups.

Whether this is the case for Sunday, is yet to be determined.