'Shouting and crying:' Voters get in heated exchange outside Riverside High School

MILWAUKEE -- Thousands of Wisconsin voters waited hours in line to cast ballots at overcrowded polling stations on Tuesday, April 7. The day ended with more controversy at Riverside High School in Milwaukee -- as some are questing if the line was legally cut off in time.

Voters tell FOX6 they got in line at 7:59 p.m. -- just before the 8 p.m. cutoff. The voters say poll workers started to turn people away who showed up just seconds later, which is required by law. That's when observers working on behalf of one of the political parties got into a heated exchange with voters waiting in line. They did not identify who they were working for.

One voter said it got physical.

"There was pushing, there was shoving," said Chlormon Borno, last voter in line.

"We had young lady who was crying. There were some people here from another state. They weren't letting people get in. There was shouting and crying and people trying to get in to vote and they said they couldn't," said Hilda Alayeta, voter in line.

With plenty of big races on the ballot, including Wisconsin Supreme Court, mayors, county executives and a constitutional amendment, lines were long at the five polling sites open in Milwaukee, compared to the traditional 180. Officials were forced to downsize after hundreds of poll workers stepped down because of health risks.

As for results, we're all going to have to wait. A federal judge ruled they cannot be released until April 13, the deadline for absentee ballots postmarked Tuesday to be received.