'She's so lively and spirited:' WHS took extra steps to find 1 special dog a home

MILWAUKEE -- The Wisconsin Humane Society took extra steps to find one special dog a home -- and in a short amount of time, she gained popularity on social media.

Molly McKeown

Workers at the Humane Society quickly fell in love with 3-year-old Princess.

"She has a smile from ear to ear. She's just one of those dogs that you don't think could ever be in a bad mood," said Molly McKeown, Wisconsin Humane Society.

Princess' family surrendered her in January because they no longer could take care of her. They noticed she was having some trouble with one of her legs.

"Our vet team was monitoring her pretty closely, and it was determined that she needed to have it amputated. When they did the amputation, they also noticed she had a mass in her shoulder," said McKeown.


The vets discovered Princess has an aggressive form of bone cancer.  Not that you can tell.


"She's so lively and spirited that you would never guess she has this aggressive form of bone cancer. She's not in any pain. She's very happy-go-lucky," said McKeown.

So the Wisconsin Humane Society found itself in a tough position. A happy dog needing a home -- with only a few months left to live.

"It's something very rare for us. This is actually the first time we've ever been in this situation before. I think she's just won over the hearts of everyone within our shelter," said McKeown.


The Wisconsin Humane Society took to Facebook, posting about Princess' story, hoping to find a family willing. The post quickly gained thousands of shares. Thousands of people are rooting for Princess.

"When a dog wins your heart over, it's hard to not do whatever you can to help them," said McKeown.

In the end, Princess was adopted on Friday afternoon.