Sheboygan's City Hall to be set location for Wisconsin-based feature film

SHEBOYGAN -- A $10.5 million renovation of Sheboygan's City Hall was recently completed. Now, the 102-year-old building will serve as a set location for a feature film.

Hungry Lioness Productions is producing a Wisconsin-based film titled, "Grim Whimsy" in Sheboygan. A news release says the crew will shoot a scene involving the exterior of the Center Avenue municipal building on Saturday evening, Sept. 14. The filming of the scene is expected to take several hours, starting at dusk.

All set locations have been based in Wisconsin cities.  Portions of the film will also be shot in Madison, Milwaukee, Arkdale, and Spring Green.

"Grim Whimsy" is a suspense thriller about an esteemed psychiatrist who has three days to find a missing ex-patient or his wife will be murdered by her captor.

Hungry Lioness Productions hopes for an October 2020 premiere of the film on the big screen in Madison.