Puppies found doused in bleach receive veterinary examination

FOND DU LAC (WITI) -- We have an update on three little Fond du Lac puppies -- two that were found doused in bleach -- one inside a dumpster in Fond du Lac, back on February 22nd.

The puppies include two boys named Ike and Turner, and one girl.

On Wednesday, March 5th -- nearly two weeks after they were found, the puppies had a vet visit to see if their condition has improved.

The Fond du Lac Humane Society, via its Facebook page, says Wednesday was a bittersweet day.

The Humane Society says a vet ruled the puppies' eyes look "very good," and their tear ducts seem to be functioning properly.

A vet said Turner still has diminished lung sounds, which warranted an X-ray on Wednesday.

The vet determined that Turner has scaring on his lungs.

The Fond du Lac Humane Society posted the following message about Turner:

"Turner has a wonderful future ahead of him; he is a very special little boy. So he is an imperfect puppy in what is an imperfect world; and someday, years from now, someone will hold him in their arms and look into his eyes, and tell him they cannot imagine what life would have been without him That is our wish for him; to have his own special perfect world."

Turner, along with the other two puppies, are available for adoption.

Ike is the only puppy of the three that was uninjured in this incident.

The puppies are American Staffordshire Terriers.

An eight-year-old boy and his mother could face charges in this case.

FOX6 News spoke with the boy's mother, who said she was watching the puppies for her ex-boyfriend. She says she believes her eight-year-old son was bitten by a puppy, and splashed what he thought was water onto the dogs. The boy then placed one dog in a bag, and threw it away.

CLICK HERE to visit the Fond du Lac Humane Society's website to view video of the puppies.