Popeyes wants you to drive 12 hours for free chicken

NEW ORLEANS, La. - Have you ever been driving through the West Texas desert and had a craving for Popeyes, but decided to drive another 800 miles to pick it up 12 hours later?

Starting November 9th, Popeyes fanatics will be able to do just that thanks to the new “12 Hour Drive Thru” promotion that promises free chicken half a day after ordering it.

Popeyes marinates its chicken for 12 hours, so to celebrate that fact, the fried chicken empire has created a stand-alone ordering kiosk in Fort Stockton, Texas, connected to the flagship Popeyes location on Canal Street in New Orleans.

Orders placed in Fort Stockton will be ready to go 12 hours later in New Orleans, and if you make the approximately 830 mile trip to pick it up, your order will be free.

Along the way, billboards will chart your progress, letting you know how many more hours you will have to drive to pick up your order.

Popeyes has not said how many Popeyes locations you will pass as you drive through San Antonio, Beaumont, Lake Charles, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and countless smaller towns on your way to Canal Street.

Popeyes fans can sign up to win 12 months of free chicken at 12hrdrivethru.com starting on October 23rd, and anyone can place orders in Fort Stockton beginning November 9th.