Pipes burst at senior living complex, damage five units

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Water pipes in an empty unit at a south side senior living apartment complex burst Thursday evening, February 27th, flooding several other units.

The manager at Ridge Bluff Senior Apartments says several days ago a tenant unexpectedly moved out without informing anyone -- and left a window open. The frigid cold caused pipes to freeze and burst. Now, families of those residing in affected units say they are not suitable to live in.

Lutricia Brown's mother lives in the apartment next door and says the floors are still soaked.

"Water was just pouring out, rushing into the apartment out of control," said Brown.

The building manager says water flowed into five occupied apartments. Rosa Baez says water was overflowing from the sink and falling through the ceiling in her parent's apartment. Her father's television was ruined.

Cell phone video taken inside the unit shows standing water in the kitchen.

Baez says her parents will either stay with her or other family members while the mess is cleaned.

Building managers say they are working with the Department of Aging to find temporary housing for affected residents -- and are not liable for damage to personal property. They recommend tenants have renter's insurance.