'People came together:' Bradford HS honors the life of Kaylie Juga with 'blue out' football game

KENOSHA -- The Kenosha Police Department will have extra officers on hand for a football game at Bradford High School. A large group is expected to gather to honor Kayle Juga, a student who was murdered in May after the school district reversed a controversial decision to ban such memorials.

Kaylie Juga Memorial

There are already tents set up across the street from the high school. There will be bouncy houses, foods and more to help raise money for Juga's family -- but more importantly, keep her memory alive.

When visitors come tonight, they will also be greeted by extra security. They are a small way to remember Kaylie Juga, each with a special message.

"People came together and made rocks specifically for this event with her favorite color, blue," said Danielle Schmitz, Justice for Kaylie. "Under each rock is Kaylie Juga's name."

Kaylie Juga Memorial

The rocks were a tribute among a much larger celebration of her life on Friday night.

Christi Kruse

"We made it a point to do everything that we can to come together," said Christi Kruse, Justice for Kaylie. "Show the Jugas that we have their back 100%."

The Kenosha Unified School District reversed its decision earlier this week, allowing a memorial to take place for Kayle Juga at Friday night's Bradford High School football game. A group of cheerleaders will honor Juga with "A Night in Blue." Across the street, a gathering with food, t-shirts and strength was held in Juga's honor.

"We have two motorcycle clubs that have come together to let her hear us from heaven," said Schmitz.

"It is going to be a roar," said one rider. "We can promise you that."

Kaylie Juga Memorial

Danielle Schmitz

A group of 50 Harley riders from one group will roll onto school grounds. They'll all be dressed in blue to honor Juga.

"We just saw it on the news and we were kind of dumbfounded by everything that was going on," said one rider.

Juga was fatally shot on in May at her Kenosha home. Prosecutors say Juga's ex-boyfriend, Martice Fuller, pulled the trigger. The district previously said sanctioning a memorial for one student would mean memorials for all students involved -- including allowing Fuller's stepbrother to wear Fuller's jersey during the game.

"We were appalled that the KUSD didn't want to do something special for Kaylie," said Kruse.

Kaylie Juga Memorial

Additionally, Kenosha police tell FOX6 "non-specific threats" have been made about the football game. Extra police will be on hand in response to "emotional tension" that may arise.

"I don't know why kids feel like that's the answer," said Kruse. "It's not the answer."

Friday night's game begins at 7, but events off school grounds will start as early as 5 p.m. Organizers are expecting 1,100 just to show up to the event across the street.

Kaylie Juga Memorial