Minnesota home care company to hire workers being laid off from GeminiCares in Slinger

SLINGER (AP) — A Minnesota home care company plans to hire hundreds of employees who will lose their jobs when a Wisconsin long-term care nonprofit ceases operations at 11 locations later this month.

Officials with International Quality Homecare Corp. have announced they will hire at least 500 GeminiCares workers. The La Crosse Tribune reports they also said their company will expand into Wisconsin to maintain home care and other services with the GeminiCares workers' clients.

More than 700 employees will be out of work when the Slinger-based company closes the sites on May 31. More than 100 workers in the La Crosse area and 85 in Whitehall will be affected.

International Quality Homecare Corp. currently employs about 500 people and operates seven branches in Minnesota.