Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki presides over Good Friday services at St. John's Cathedral

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki presided over Good Friday services at St. John's Cathedral, one of many services commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Within the church, the faithful prayed, as Archbishop Listecki lead the congregation through the story of Jesus Christ's final day.

"So let us confidently approach the throne of grace to receive mercy," Listecki preached.

Jerome Listecki

Archbishop Listecki then provided a short homily telling the congregation to "hold nothing back."

"I use that expression today because this is what we see in the crucified Jesus. God holds nothing back. He spends it all for our victory," Listecki said.

The Good Friday mass celebrates the passion of Christ and Listecki believes they are responsible for continuing to write the story of their savior.

"Not a story that ends in death but a story that ends in life," said Listecki.

Not far from St. John's, the Italian Community Center also worshiped as Pastor Julius Malone spoke to why Jesus Christ allowed to the passion to occur even though he had the power to prevent it.

"One the cross we see the love of God. On the cross we see the mercy of God on the cross we see the grace of God. but at the same time we the wrath of God," said Malone.