Marcellus Purifoy pleads not guilty and bound over for trial, accused of fleeing MPD after shooting

Marcellus Purifoy

MILWAUKEE — Marcellus Purifoy appeared in court preliminary hearing Tuesday, April 30 on multiple charges in connection with a police pursuit and crash that ended near 40th and North Avenue in Milwaukee. Purifoy pled not guilty. The court found probable cause and bound Purifoy over for trial.

Purifoy, 17, faces three charges in connection with the pursuit and crash. They include:

    Crash involving school bus near 40th and North in Milwaukee

    Prosecutors say  Purifoy admitted he was driving a vehicle that fled police after a shooting that injured three teenagers on Thursday, April 18. That vehicle was later involved in a crash at 40th and North Ave. that led to the death of one of his passengers, and injuries to two innocent victims.

    In the pursuit, the vehicle Purifoy was driving sped through an intersection and was struck by a yellow school bus. The vehicle was struck on the driver’s side, and whipped around, then striking a truck.

    Crash involving school bus near 40th and North in Milwaukee

    The complaint indicates Purifoy has never had a driver’s license, and his license status was revoked in November 2017 due to his commission of a felony using a vehicle at the juvenile court level. That revocation was in effect at the time of the crash.