Man who pleaded guilty to beating gas station clerks to be sentenced

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee man who pleaded guilty to assaulting two gas station clerks will be sentenced on Monday, July 6th.

21-year-old Dominick Smith took a plea deal -- and is convicted on two counts of second-degree recklessly endangering safety.

The entire incident was captured on cell phone video. It happened at a gas station near 49th and Lisbon in Milwaukee.

According to the criminal complaint, one of the gas station clerks observed Smith on the evening of February 21st in his store. The clerk told officers that he saw Smith “reach over one aisle into the candy aisle and take candy bars and place seven to eight packages into his inner jacket.” The clerk, armed with a taser and a stick, approached Smith as he tried to leave. When Smith saw the taser, the complaint indicates he “took some of the candy packages from his clothes and threw them to the ground.” Smith apparently then started yelling at the clerk and calling him various names.

Moments later, the clerk and a co-worker, armed with a bat and stick, followed Smith a short distance out of the store. In the process of trying to get Smith away from the store, the complaint says Smith “grabbed the bat” and struck the clerk’s head with the bat , knocking him to the ground. The clerk “was unconscious for a few seconds.” He and his co-worker suffered injuries in the exchange — but they eventually got back inside the store to safety.

Smith is due in court on Monday afternoon.