Man crashes pickup truck through front of store

WAUKESHA -- Officials say a male motorists traveling at a high rate of speed crashed his pickup truck through Ziebart, an auto detailing store, Sunday night, August 26th.

Authorities say the initial crash occurred on Bluemound Road in front of the Church & Chapel Funeral Home. Police say the man driving the truck rear-ended an SUV, then veered off the road at a high-rate of speed. 

The truck driver continued west toward Ziebart before crossing Pewaukee Rd. The driver then traveled up a steep hill in front of Ziebart, became airborne and landed directly in front of the store before crashing through it.

Upon arrival officials say the pickup truck was 3/4 of the way through Ziebart. Police say the business sustained heavy structural damage.

After speaking with the driver, police discovered that he recently got his drivers license back after having it taken away due to a seizure disorder. The driver claims that the last thing he remembers is driving on Bluemound Rd.