Man accused in attack at Burlington tavern reaches plea deal, sentenced to 72 days in jail

RACINE -- Philip Waldbauer, a man accused in an attack at John's Main Event in Burlington, pleaded guilty on Monday, Sept. 16 to a misdemeanor count of battery in a plea deal. As part of that deal, two other counts of criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct were dismissed and read into the court record. The court then sentenced Waldbauer to 72 days in jail.

According to the criminal complaint, officers responded to John's Main Event for a reported fight on Sunday, July 7. They found the victim, a bartender at the establishment, who was "bleeding from the head." The bartender told police Waldbauer, 40, attacked him.

The bartender explained Waldbauer "has been told three times in the last three days he is not allowed at John's Main Event." When Waldbauer walked in on Sunday, the bartender told him to leave. The complaint indicates that is when Waldbauer charged at the bartender and "struck him with a 'flying knee' maneuver." When the bartender yelled for help, the complaint says Waldbauer "then began to gouge out (the bartender's) eyes with his thumbs." Patrons at the bar then separated the two men -- and Waldbauer left.

John's Main Event, Burlington

Moments later, the complaint says the bartender went outside to see which way Waldbauer went. He shouted, "Good job sending yourself to jail tonight." Waldbauer then charged at the bartender again, "tackling him into a large planter," which "shattered upon impact."

The complaint says Waldbauer "continued to punch and kick (the bartender)." A short time later, officers arrived and arrested Waldbauer.